5 Heroic Dog Stories That Will Warm Your Heart!


We at Bark Butler believe that dogs are mighty intuitive protectors, known for their courage and bravery. Similar to human heroes, dogs have compelling and heart-warming stories, too, that will make you teary-eyed. Today we’re shining a spotlight on heroic dog stories that we’ve curated from in-house and online sources.

Enjoy – we dare you not to cry!


1.  Chloe, The Bark Butler Angel

This heroic dog story is very close to our hearts, as Chloe was the core inspiration behind Bark Butler. The biggest lesson she taught us was that no matter what atrocities life may throw at you, one can always forgive and start anew.

Chloe was one amongst 70 beagles rescued from a testing laboratory of a major pharmaceutical company, in 2010. One cannot even begin to imagine what these helpless animals went through in the lab. Considering she spent the first four years of her life in a laboratory where humans incessantly poked her to retrieve blood samples and even went to the extent of branding her ear with a serial number – she could have easily branded all humans as monsters. However, dogs trust unconditionally and choose to see the good in everyone. Despite her ill-treatment, she never retaliated or attacked anyone; she was more humane than most people.

She entered our Bark Butler home as a very weak, reserved and frightened four-year-old beagle. Unlike other dogs, she wasn’t territorial or possessive and even hid in corners or under tables. It took a while, but Chloe finally came into her own and soon blossomed into the dog we loved – Miss Chloe of house Sleeps-a-lot, the master of dreams, breaker of treat bags, digger of dirt and the true queen of our hearts.

We recently lost Chloe at the ripe old age of 16 years old. The lessons she taught us are too many to be listed but are forever ingrained in our hearts. Nevertheless, we thought this Independence Day ought to be dedicated to celebrating her life and her independence from her treacherous past. If overcoming hardship with grace isn’t heroic, we don’t know what is!

Chloe, The Bark Butler Angel


2.  Saacha, The Mental Health Fighter

This story tugged at our heartstrings when we heard it at the Bark Butler offices! This heroic dog story is a beautiful tale of Saacha, a Doggo Argentino, and Siddharth. Before being adopted by Siddharth, Saacha had changed three homes. The last family gave him up for adoption because of an accident that left Saacha with a physical deformity. However, the accident didn’t leave Saacha disabled, and he was still a fun-loving dog. After hearing this story, Siddharth decided to adopt Saacha, and that’s where our heroic dog story begins.

Saacha came into Siddharth’s life when he was fighting depression because things in his life were not working out, from his career to his personal life, Siddharth was in a dark place. Saacha served as a beacon of light, hope and inspiration during this time. Despite being abandoned and having a physical deformity, Saacha continued to be happy – a lesson that Siddharth took to heart.

It’s because of Saacha that Siddharth was able to battle his depression. Speaking to Dogs of Bombay, Siddharth says “Having Saacha in my life brought immense positivity and strength in me which was seriously lacking before his arrival. He made me realise that it is not what we have, but who we have in our lives that matters.” For helping Siddharth overcome his depression, Saacha truly is a hero.

Mental health issues are becoming increasingly common in India, if only more people would draw inspiration from our furry friends – can you imagine the positivity it would foster in society?

man and his dogo


3.  Barry, The Famous St.Bernard

When you think of a St. Bernard, a vision of a big fluffy dog with a medicine bottle around his neck is probably what first comes to mind – well, that’s Barry! This famous St.Bernard even has his own memorial display in the Bern National History Museum. Barry is known for rescuing over 40 people in his lifetime. There is even a story about how he carried an injured person on his back! However, 200 years later, there might be more fiction than fact to Barry’s legendary heroic dog story. Does that stop him from being a hero? Not at all! Even if Barry rescued just one life, that still makes him a hero in our Bark Butler book.


4.  Balto, The Hero-Husky

In 1925, a deadly epidemic was poised to spread throughout Nome, Alaska. The only serum that could stop/prevent this outbreak was in Anchorage, which was a flight away. Unfortunately, due to the cold, the plane was frozen and grounded. That’s where Balto’s heroic dog story begins.

Officials realised that the only way to transport the life-saving serum was through a relay system, using dogs-sledges. According to Wikipedia, these dogs and their mushers, faced blizzards and freezing (−31 °C) temperatures, but persevered through it all. The dog that was at the helm of it all was Balto, a Siberian Husky, who led his team safely to Nome and delivered the serum! If it wasn’t for the selflessness and tenacity of Balto’s heroic actions, the serum might not have reached the town of Nome and saved countless people. After his heroic run, Balto spent his days, 14 healthy years, at the Cleveland Zoo in the U.S. His body was stuffed and kept at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, as a memorial.

That’s the thing about dogs; they’ll go through every hardship to protect their humans. Sadly, the same can’t be said about all us humans.


5.  Alex, The ‘Ring’ Leader

This next story is one we at Bark Butler, couldn’t believe actually happened, especially since the reward involves a real gold ring! According to The Better India, Alex, a golden Labrador from Meerut was put to duty when the Bhutanese King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, was attacked.

It’s said that just one sniff from the lever of the hand grenade, used in the attack, was enough for Alex to hunt down the assassin. Alex managed to track the assassin through the forest and eventually caught him at a temple nearby. The King was so grateful that he awarded Alex money (Rs. 1000), his own gold ring and a certificate of honour! What an incredible story of bravery and skill, if only we humans had super-smell capabilities!

There are so many incredible stories of heroic dogs, but five were all our mere mortal hearts could handle! From their brave rescues to their ability to overcome hardships, dogs genuinely are heroes that deserve every respect and kindness we can bestow on them. 

This Independence Day, we at Bark Butler, vow to honour dogs and stand up for them when they’re in need because we know they’d do the same for us! Take this vow with us and use the #BarkButlerVow hashtag in your social media posts every time you stand up for an animal in need! We at Bark Butler love hearing heroic stories about animals and humans, so let’s start this movement! 


Have A Pawsome Independence Day!

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