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Dog birthday parties are all the rage and why shouldn’t they be? After all, it’s more than just a party –  a dog’s birthday marks the day that they entered your life and forever changed it for the better.

If you’re the type of pet parent that loves a good dog birthday bash with cakes for dogs, dog chews and pupcakes – then listen up! We at Bark Butler have curated a list of some of pawsome pet bakers in India, and we’re sharing this list with you. Before we let you browse through our list, let’s take a look at why opting for locally made, fresh baked goods for dogs is better than store-bought products. 


Pet Bakers In India Vs Store Bought 


 There’s no doubt that buying store-bought packaged pet products is convenient. They’re sold at your local grocery store, and you can pick them up while shopping for yourself. However, if you look at the list of ingredients, it’s usually quite clear that a lot of what’s in these products are filled with preservatives and spurious ingredients. At Bark Butler, we believe that if you wouldn’t buy it for yourself, then why get it for your pet?

 There are many more advantages of choosing local pet bakers, but we know you’re dying to scroll down if you haven’t already.

 So without further ado, here are our favourite pet bakers in India.


Pet Bakers in Bangalore


The Doggy Bakery

Location: Bangalore
Makes: dog birthday cakes, wooferdoolde cookies, red velvet pupcakes, doggeroons etc
Shipping: Pan India
Order: On the website or message them on Facebook

In our opinion, ‘The Doggy Bakery’ has the oldest dog food recipes in India. We say this because all the recipes used in this bakery are originally from founder Diya Sikand’s grandmother – who for 70 years fed dogs in her neighbourhood. Isn’t that incredible! Just like hooman bakeries, The Doggy Bakery makes fresh baked goods daily for their loyal customers. 

 Bark Factor: Apart from original recipes, they have the cutest names for their treats. How can anyone resist names such as wooferdoodle or doggeroons? We at Bark Butler can’t!


Clever Canine

Location: Bangalore
Makes: Frozen treats and baked goods
Shipping: Pan India
Order: On their website

Founder of Clever Canine, Yamika, started off as a dog trainer and quickly realised from all the pet parent complaints that there was a scarcity of healthy dog treats and baked goods in India. So, she started to experiment with recipes that she made for her own dog, Pixie. Her naturally flavoured probiotic frozen treats and grain-free biscuits were a hit with Pixie and the rest, as we say, is history! 

Bark Factor: two words, frozen treats! They look so good; we’re just as tempted as our doggos to taste them! 


Pet Bakers in Mumbai


Piper’s Pet Bakery

Location: Powai, Mumbai
Makes: Dog birthday cakes, dog treats, chews, doughnuts, cake pops, popsicles, muffins etc
Shipping: Mumbai only
Order: Whatsapp – 9820218236 or message them on Instagram/ Facebook

Pet baker Erika started off making cakes and dog treats for her dog Piper who absolutely loved her baked goods. Seeing her pup’s positive reactions, Erika started her bakery, aptly named Piper’s Pet Bakery. All their products are gluten-free, sugar-free and salt-free. Plus, they personalise recipes as per your pet’s dietary requirements.

Bark Factor: They just started making the uber-trendy ‘Flat Line’ style cakes for dogs! 


Puplord’s Bakery

Location: Andheri, Mumbai
Makes: Dog treats, cakes, doughnuts, muffins, macarons etc
Shipping: Mumbai only
Order: On their website or message them on Instagram/ Facebook 

The owner of this bakery is a beagle named Pacho who was featured in the Bombay Times! He and his team make incredible cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, macarons and even eclairs that are all gluten-free and organic. You can check out Pup Lord’s extensive menu here.  They cater to dogs and cats and make some of the cutest birthday cakes we’ve seen!

Bark Factor: They make edible cake toppers that can be made to look like your dog/cat! 


Petilicious – The Pet Bakery

Location: Bandra, Mumbai
Makes: Dog birthday cakes and cupcakes
Shipping: Mumbai
Order: Call 9833353324 or DM on Instagram

Petilicious was started in 2018 by a company called ‘Pet Tiffin Services’ who are known for their fresh, natural nutrition, hygienic pet food. They’ve taken their experience with pet food and applied it to their new bakery called Petilicious. They specialise in dog birthday cakes and cupcakes made from a range of ingredients such as peanut butter, chicken, liver and oats. 

 Bark Factor: Their peanut butter pupcakes contain applesauce and honey, which makes them super moist and yummy –  could we get a bite?!


Furbaby Pet Bakery

Location: Thane, Mumbai
Makes: Dog treats and dog birthday cakes
Shipping: Mumbai
Order: Call/Whatsapp on 7045226828

This bakery is just under a year old, but in that short amount of time, they have garnered loyal fans from all over Mumbai. Their Instagram timeline is filled with doggy client testimonials who love their dog birthday cakes. They make dog treats and cakes using only real and wholesome ingredients. Nothing but the best for your fur baby! 

Bark Factor – All their baked goods are homemade!


ZoMax Barkery

Location: Thane, Mumbai
Makes: Dog treats, cookies and biscuits
Shipping: Mumbai
Order: 9892527374 or message on Instagram

How could we not feature a bakery whose CTOs (chief tasting officers) are dogs? Zoey and Maximus are the primary inspiration behind the pet bakery ZoMax Barkery, and they love tasting and approving the dog treats their head baker Taronish Irani makes. Having just recently launched, they currently only deliver in Mumbai and specialise in dog treats that are preservative-free, salt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and grain-free. 

Bark Factor: We adore the videos of Zoey and Maximus that ZoMax Barkery posts on their social media. The doggos relishing/taste-testing their treats are priceless!

Pet Bakers in Delhi


Bark n Treat Canine Bakery

Location: Gurgaon, Delhi
Makes: Dog snacks, cakes, treats and jerky. Including vegetarian dog cakes
Shipping: Delhi
Order: On their website 

Himani Lohia founded this bakery after she started to make specialised food for her first Shih Tzu, who was very weak and frail. Through the road of recovery and discovery, Himani realised that making doggy treats and baked goods was her true calling. She’s been running Bark n Treat ever since! Their food products are healthy and made with all-natural, chemical-free and human-grade ingredients. 

Bark Factor: The company description on their website speaks to our heart – ‘Our freshly baked products are prepared by people who love their pets and hence they’re always BAKED with LOVE.’



Paw Petisserie

Location: New Delhi
Makes: Dog treats, dog birthday cakes, muffins and baked goods
Shipping: Delhi
Order: Call 8384056451 or message them on Instagram/Facebook

 If you’re looking for dog treats, cakes and muffins, then why not go to the award-winning pet bakery – Paw Petisserie. Yes, you heard that right, Paw Petisserie won the ‘Upcoming Doggie Baker’ award by Pet Fed India last year. Awards aside, this pet bakery’s success is in their products – which are made from gluten-free, preservative-free, sugar-free, salt-free and artificial colour-free ingredients. What more could you ask for?

 Bark Factor: They even make edible Doggie Rakhis! What a lovely sentiment, dogs are family, after all! 


Bark On Gourmet

Location: New Delhi
Makes: Dog treats, cakes, cookies, pupcakes, doughnuts, kibbles and gravy.
Shipping: Delhi
Order: Call on +91 9910047238; 011 41024839

Bakery founder Nikki’s passion for dog treats and food came from wanting to feed her pets nothing but the best, which she realised wasn’t found on the shelves of stores but rather in her home’s kitchen. That’s when she realised she needed to start her bakery – Bark On Gourmet. They make all-natural, healthy and wholesome food for pets that they charmingly refer to as “Gourmet with a Woof!”

 Bark Factor: We at Bark Butler are big advocates of adoption, and so are Bark On Gourmet. In between their regular client testimonials, Nikki puts up inspirational pro-adoption, foster and rescue posts that we hope motivates more people to #adoptdontshop. 


Pet Bakers in Pune


Barking Bites

Location: Bhavdan, Pune
Makes: Dog birthday cakes, pupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, daily tiffin, soups and Pizza!
Shipping: Pune
Order: Call 8698107950 or message on Instagram/Facebook

Pet-loving sisters Aboli and Ketaki make delicious homemade dog food and baked goods that all their doggie clients enjoy. If your dog is a liver lover, then you have to try the chicken liver cake that Barking Bites is famously known for. The duo also makes seasonal treats and party platters too. 

Bark Factor: What aren’t we impressed with? Aboli and Ketaki are women entrepreneurs, sisters, pet bakers and pet lovers! 


Pet Feast

Location: Pune
Makes: cookies, pupcakes, birthday cakes, gourmet liver puddings, Easter eggs, cheesecakes, pupsicles and beer for dogs.
Shipping: Pune only
Order: Call 9766644687 or message them on Instagram/Facebook

The story of Pet Feast is a bittersweet one. Founder Sonal Zaikikar started this pet bakery in Pune when her dog Roxy passed due to a kidney ailment. This loss caused Sonal to research healthy dog diets, so that other dogs (or cats) could live a healthy life with the right food, no matter their ailments. Pet feast is known for their peanut butter, chicken and cottage-cheese cakes, meatballs liver jerkies and other delectable treats!

Bark Factor: Pet Feast’s backstory pulled at our heartstrings! We couldn’t think of a better, more rewarding way to process grief than to start a business that helps animals. 


Cafe Twos and Fours

Location: Baner, Pune
Makes: cakes, pupcakes, pupsicles and cookies
Shipping: Pune

Order: Call 8860637446

Founder Gauri facilitated many dog birthdays at her thriving cafe and boarding house called ‘Cafe Twos and Fours.’ During those parties, clients would ask her about the dog cakes and treats she served, wondering how they could order it for their pets regularly. This is what motivated her to bake customised cakes and other baked goods for pets – so that her loyal clients could order whenever they wanted and not just for special occasions. 

Bark Factor: A boarding house and a bakery? We’re pretty sure your dog wouldn’t mind staying here when you’re away! 


Pune K9 Kitchen

Location: NIBM Road, Pune
Makes: Dog treats, tailor-made meals, dog birthday cakes etc.
Shipping: Pune
Order: Call 8766951985 or message them on Instagram

Sheetal Israni and Aneesh Bhat have been dishing out doggy delicacies for a couple of years now, and they aren’t afraid to experiment with new recipes! Their innovative creations like “Greenies” – a twist on brownies, made from spinach and liver – have Dogs howling for more. They also cater to vegetarian diets with a selection of cakes and baked goods that are just as popular as the non-veg variants. 

 Bark Factor: Their tailor-made meals are ideal for dogs who are undergoing medical treatments or have specific dietary requirements that can’t be obtained from store-bought products. 


That’s All Folks!

There you have it, that was our list of amazing pet bakers in India. We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on these fantastic bakers who strive every day to make the tummies of our furry babies happy! 

We want to connect with as many pet-friendly businesses as we can so that we can grow our animal-loving community in India. If you’re a pet baker or know of one that deserves to be featured, share this blog and this link to our digital directory, with them. 

Till next time,

Have a pawsome day!

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