Monsoon brings in some plish plash fun with a much needed relief from summer heat. But ahem! That’s not it. What comes along are allergies, infections and a myriad of uninvited health issuesWhich ever breed your pup may be, expert Tanmay Juvekar says that a few tricks, tips and precautions that can go a long way in making your pup feel radiant and shining, even if the sun wouldn’t.



Here’s what gets the dirtiest. Lil’ paws that jump and stroll in mud and sludge. Cute? More of a scary sight. If they aren’t cleaned properly, they can catch a fungal infection. What if we say that a simple home remedy can go a long way. Here’s what you need to do. Use a pair of scissors to cut the excess hair around the nails and paw pad. Now rinse the paw pad with the anti bacterial concotion of water and apple cider vinegar. Now, use a regular dryer to dry out the paws. Thought layering skincare was only for you? Use your puppy’s regular talc for finishing touches and a fresh feel.

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KEEP AN EYE ON ‘EM        

Ever looked into those droopy, lovely, sensitive eyes of your canine companions? It’s up to you to keep them shining – bright like a diamond. Moisture in the air can cause irritation. Barkbutler recommends wiping those eyes with wipes and don’t forget regular check ups! For short muzzle breeds like Shitzus, Pugs, Lhasas or long coat breeds, trimming, cleaning and anti fungal powder on fur around the eyes is a must.

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5 Essential Products Your Dog Needs During The Monsoon



You don’t wear ear plugs inside the pool for nothing.  It’s no rocket science. Too much rain play or even just water entering the ears can cause infection. Solution? Double cleansing. Thank you Koreans *grinning*. Use a medicated ear solution and then wipe off with dry cotton. If waxing prolongs, it’s time for your pooch to make a vet visit!  

If you think your baby needs extra care in this department – Use a 50-50 portion of apple cider water to clean the ear. Remember to be light and gentle. Once clean, use dry cotton to wipe the area dry.

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It’s impossible to resist the love showering from the sky, so there’s no way we’ll suggest your fur friend to be missing out on ol’ that fun. After you get back home, run your fingers through their coat and notice if you encounter any knot or lumps. This will even help you keep a check on ticks and fleas. Dry ‘em up with a towel and regular hair dryer. Don’t worry, they enjoy this.

 Pro tip – Get them a trim to make this process easier

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Let’s just say it is mandatory to give your puppy a good, fun shower every seventh day. It can be tedious and messy, but that doesn’t mean you can use dry shampoo as a regular excuse to avoid baths. An anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoo is a must. To top it up, Visit a groomer for further maintenance once every fortnight and get de worming done. You know the drill.

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Everything around can have a  musty odour around the monsoon. Humid air traps smell which makes it even more difficult to get rid of. But with regulated grooming using essential oils (lavender, citronella, eucalyptus), you can minimize the odour. In fact, you can switch to an odour control shampoo. Dry the coat once a day and it’ll help not absorb so much moisture.

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Food and diet goes a long way for all of us. Why must we enjoy warm soups and hearty liquids while pooch has the same food all year round? Chicken or vegetable broth, a golden paste of honey and turmeric (it’s a godsend) , Netflix and the two of you while it rains outside. Oh now isn’t that the ideal weekend? It will also help you boost immunity, cope up with chill in the air and fight allergies!

You can even make a golden paste (honey and turmeric) to boost immunity.

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Take care of your four legged friends while you enjoy the monsoon at it’s most this season. And oh, of course yourself too!


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Until next time, Have a pawsome and safe monsoon!

5 Essential Products Your Dog Needs During The Monsoon