Our Story 🐶

Every story has a muse and the story of Bark Butler is unique in one way. Our muse, little Miss Chloe, has a tail that she loves to wag now.

She wasn’t always like this. Chloe had seen a few dark things at the testing laboratory of a major pharmaceutical company. She was rescued from this dwelling in 2010. The dark times had made Chloe a weak, reserved, and easily frightened 4-year old Beagle.

Chloe entered our home as a very weak, reserved and frightened 4-year old Beagle.

Chloe came home, her new dwelling, but had little resemblance to a healthy dog who is reflexively territorial and is possessive. Chloe, instead, was found to be the most comfortable taking cover under a table, and most inconspicuous places. With love, effort, and time Chloe has now transformed and blossomed into Miss Chloe.

She is now, Miss Chloe, of House Sleepsalot, Master of Dreams, Breaker of Treat Bags, Digger of Dirt and the True Queen of our Hearts.

The transformation of Miss Chloe into a happy and healthy puppy, who steals our heart everyday, is a story with a happy ending. The happiest bit is her love for food. Nothing sets her tail wagging with vigour like food. When we recognized this, we indulged her in variety of treat, bones, and chews from the colourful pup-market. This became a necessary-happy part of our monthly budget; parents gotta do what they gotta do for their little ones.

A small glitch in the happy family story occurred when we noticed the abundance of chemical preservatives used as ingredients for doggo treats. The fine print on this package was strikingly identical to the packages of other doggo products. The toxic substances for dogs came in many forms- gluten (bad for dog’s digestion), chemical preservatives, harmful chemicals used to make copies resemble natural bones, or artificial flavours. The unavailability of standard protocol for manufacture of these products meant that our precious was consuming sub-par, and sometimes, toxic foodstuffs.

This realisation being based on chance was more infuriating, and woke us to the fact that most dog-owners are unaware of this danger. Miss Chloe, meanwhile, was demanding that her tail reach the wagging that it was used to, and this got us busy looking for credible products. And, BINGO! There were products in the market which were honest to their name as much as well-being of the pet world.


Bark Butler was born. We are the butler to your doggo’s need, but are stringent about no compromise to his/ her health. We believe in educating the dog families about the dangers lurking in the form of chemical substance’s, but also in taking this education a step further. This step is the Bark Butler subscription box which would treat your pet like royalty, and the spoils will reach at your doorstep. We are committed to the nurturing of growing community of dog parents across India, and the box reaches all.


It is our most resilient belief that all dog homes should indulge their pups in treats without guilt, fear, or a sense of wrong doing. Our love for dogs in our superpower, and from this superpower arose the very human but voracious and tireless to ascertain the natural and authentic brands of per products. We prefer what lets us sleep at night peacefully and with good conscience than the lucrative margins of the major brands.

— Team Bark Butler

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