Let’s imagine. Your new member of the family is waiting for you to come back home (aww). You slide the keys in and open the door, ready to push out for your workout. And there, your sneakers.are.over. Now wasn’t THAT a bit of a horror story? Been there, done that. But let’s also accept that it’s totally fair for your furry friend to have needs and wants to be entertained. We all have needs and it would be unfair to not pay attention to theirs. Plush toys are a great way to help them bond, mother, play, befriend or even stay busy while you’re away. Want to learn more?

We understand that the dog toy industry is HUGE and it can be overwhelming to choose. So what are plush toys? Plush toys, essentially stuff toys can be pawrr-fect teething, prey or cuddle toys. It’s simple. In fact, dogs love to hunt for plush toys as they mimic critters. While it’s safe to say most of our canine companions love these, it’s also important to gift your puppy the one just right for their size, age, personality and chewing habits. You can also take them out for a pet store date and let them choose their toy dearest.

Let’s take you through the dog toys in plush category, and guess what? They’re all diverse as per dog size! Not just that. these are all non toxic, come with squeakers. And in case you’re worried about the baby tugging on or chewing some serious dirt and grime, fret not. These plush toys are all safe for a regular machine wash or hand wash All our plush toys are made with soft plush on the outside, oxford padding on the inside & are double stitched for extra durability.

1. Pookie The Dragon

Let Pookie help your puppy get ready to deal in case of a dragon invasion. Just like all our plushes, this super soft plush comes with krinkle paper, two squeakers and also two sizes. The small size is great for small & medium sized dogs, 5kgs to 15kgs & large size for dogs upto 30kgs.


2. Sera The Tri-Ceratops

She’s perfect for the wild hearted. Mostly enjoyed by the larger sized sweethearts, Sera is filled with all the good-good with moderate tug. It would be fun to watch ‘em play with this one, isn’t it? An amazing toy for dogs that love to cuddle. Best for dog dogs between 15-30kgs.


3. Petra The Pterodactyl

The softest and friendliest Pterodactyl we know of. She’s not just a bad girl, but the best pet for the ones who like to cuddle and sleep with. This pink plush is super for medium sized dogs. It comes with one squeaker.



4. Boh The Bear

Again suitable for medium sized puppies, what’s cuter than a bear plush? Boh is going to be the IT little sibling for your baby, and it makes it to one of our favorites.


5. Jerry The Giraffe

This one is for the large and odd ones, pardon us – odd is great. We bet this is the OG giraffe for your lil’ friend. Best part? AMAZING to tug, haha!



6. Aly The Gator

Has your loved on ever preyed on an alligator with a squeaker? Infact, Aly can be the one close to your hearts, and we promise your kid won’t feel like they’re going to be turned into a snack. You’re more likely to hug this one.

While plush toys are incredibly healthy and safe for your pooches, we do recommend making sure you train them and keep an eye on what the pup is up to. So go ahead, head to the closest retail stores and get the apple of your eye their BFF, or even better, let them choose one.