FOFOS Pet Carriers : Travelling with pets in India.

FOFOS Pet Carriers : Travelling with pets in India.

Let me paint you a picture; you are travelling with your dog in your car. The sky is clear, the wind is rising, and the roads are empty for the most part. You are focussed on the road whilst your dog is in the back, unleashed and confused, tagging along for the ride. There is a soft swerve, the car rumbles under the gravel of the road; there is a brief panic that falls over you and you immediately check up on your dog. Your dog is fine but rattled. You slowly resume driving; concerned and grateful.

All pets, canine and feline, need a pet carrier that supports them and keeps them intact while going on a long trip. Let's just keep that as a standard of pet care. Pet Carriers for dogs come in different shapes and forms. Cutesy, soft pet carriers for teacup dogs, pet backpack carriers for Persian cats; different breeds, different forms. The question still stays though; why pet carriers?

A Pets Carrier is as important as the pet itself. Take the example of cats; cats love an enclosed space. A vestigial from the time of being hunters out in the wild, they make them feel safe and secure. So a pet carrier is the next eventual step. The argument rises on numerous occasions; Pet Carriers vs. Pet Crates, and we will definitely choose pet carriers all the time. Carriers provide a safe space for a pet to be themselves, when on the go. Pets go through anxiety more than we know. For dogs, a car ride most of the time means they are going to the vet and that comes with a lot of anxiety. Pet Carriers bring much-needed security to that. Plus, if you don’t have a car and taxi drivers refuse because of the hair that gets left behind, pet car carriers help you out a great deal.

All pet carriers bear a somewhat general same resemblance; a rectangular box with loops and belts, a lightweight build, a comfortable design and a goofy colour scheme. However in recent years, these pet carriers have shifted from being just a box one is to carry to spacious, open-up-to-more, and even backpacks with holes carved in or a transparent circular window. Pet Carriers of different shapes and sizes and colours are based on different feline and canine breeds.

There are plenty of pet carriers out there, but the ones we swear by are our collaboration with Petsy. Petsy x FOFOS collab is the best thing to come out of the pet care industry; pet carriers made with built-to-last materials, versatile and oh, so comfortable and pretty, almost made me climb into one and nap.

There are different types and you should know which one to choose for #CarryingLove. (We’ll make a fair argument here so you don’t have to worry about choosing)

  1. Basic Backpack Pet Carrier

Don’t you ever wish you could take your pet on an adventure or a flight? Well, then this pet carrier backpack is for you. Comfortable built, breathable, scratch-resistant mesh cover for peering out into the world, and lightweight design. Padded shoulder for ease of comfort while in motion and a removable padded base for convenience of cleaning. Rubber-gripped zippers for tactility and a collapsible structure for easier storage when not in use.

  1. Basic Foldaway Shoulder Pet Carrier

A chic look for anyone who wants to take their pet on a lil’ stroll across the city or town. Easy storage and setup, this carrier adds much-needed support for pets who love to pop their heads out while commuting. Double-sided deep pockets to carry your wet wipes, poop bags collapsible bowls and other pet care-related paraphernalia. Three different versions of the Basic Foldaway Shoulder Pet Carrier exist now, from the Mesh Soft-Sided to Foldaway and Shoulder. All the works, including, removable padded bottom for ease of washing and metal leash clips for added security.

  1. Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier

If you aren’t pleased with having the allotted space a pet carrier generally provides for your pet, this one will make you change your mind—more than enough space. Open up the front zippers and fold out the front and back and you’ve got more space. The mesh is breathable and scratch-resistant. You can either carry it on your shoulder or just hand-held it; the padded shoulder straps give one much-needed comfort while on the go.

  1. Expandable Foldable Backpack Pet Carrier

A backpack carrier for tougher trips and heavy-duty walks, the Expandable Foldable Backpack Pet Carrier brings versatility to the pet care game. The rubber knuckles on the bottom make it possible to always keep this structure upright. Soft, breathable mesh lining and padded, removable bottoms make sure there is a degree of utmost comfort provided to the pet.

  1. Comfort 2 in 1, Tunnel & Pet Carrier

The fun of zooming through enclosed spaces + the joy of having your pet on you all packed into one. This one has stages to it, Stage 1 starts being unopened and ready to store. Stage 2 is when you open it halfway and place your pet on the inside and move. Stage 3 is when you open it all the way and use it as an individual tunnel toy. It's got all the works, Soft breathable mesh, check, Rubber gripped zippers, check, Removable padded bottom, check, a great workout and a stress buster for cats, check check.

  1. Comfort Premium Outdoor Pet Carrier

This is where we pull out the big guns; our Comfort Premium Outdoor Pet Carrier is our best, classy outdoor carrier that you can use for a longer-than-usual trip. With more than ample space provided for a pet to chill in, the carrier also features two deep pockets and a separate one for water bottles. Along with a high-density PE frame, this carrier is easy to dismantle and fold away when not in use and transported like a briefcase. It has two openings; one on the side and the other on top.

With so many options and choices between colours and types and sizes, which pet carrier do you choose for your cat or dog?

The general rule of thumb is pretty simple, measure your pet from the top of the shoulder to the floor for the height and nape of the neck to the base of the tail for the length, and then look for the dimensions of the actual pet carrier and match for your special pick. An easier but effective way for online purchases.

Rules and Regulations for Pet Carriers.

Okay so now you’re ready for the trip; you’ve got your pet care and hygiene, and you’ve got your pet carrier. But there is one more step one should know about before going on a six-legged adventure; Rules and regulations for a safe way of passage on general transport. Every mode of travel has its fair share of rules.

For Road,

The first question one should ask is whether it is necessary to take my pet on vacation.

  • Get a suitable pet carrier (hopefully the one we swear by) with loops and belts to fasten it along with the seatbelts.
  • Getting used to the pets carrier is very important for a road trip. The pet should be used in the interior of a vehicle.
  • Water and other on-the-go snacks should be on hand for a quick slurp/nom-nom session.
  • Plan your trip accordingly with pets in mind for bathroom/potty times.

For Planes,

AirIndia allows a maximum of two pets are allowed for in the cabin per flight, in proper, well-ventilated bags/kennels with a soft absorbent mat inside whilst the pet, dogs in particular, being muzzled and leashed.

  • There should be a valid rabies certificate for the pet you are travelling with. Also, due consideration is given to up-to-date vaccination cards.
  • Properly ventilated carriers.
  • The pet carrier size should not exceed above 18” x 18” x 12” and the carrier weight should not exceed 5 kg.

For Trains,

Indian Railways have much consideration for travelling pets provided that.

  • The food and water are taken care of by the owner themselves.
  • The owner should be carrying, at all times, proper leashes and collars for the pet in question.
  • After the initial booking, you are to contact the Chief Commercial Officer, letting them know that you are travelling with a pet so that you are allotted a coupe or a cabin rather than any random berths.
  • You need to provide the latest vaccination certificate for your dog.
  • Carry valid ID proof of your identity with you.
  • Pay the required fees. Get the receipt. Submit the first part of the receipt to the train guard and keep the other part with you.
  • A guard coach is usually located at the tail end of a train. Don't forget to get your dog off the train at the destination station by submitting the receipt to the guard.

Travelling with pets can be hectic as possible, but it doesn’t have to be if you tackle all the eventual obstacles and are in due process of the law, rules and regulations. Also to reiterate what is said above; ask yourself a question as to whether your pet needs to travel. A pet carrier can take your pet anywhere, only if your pet is interested. Taking your pet out of a climate/environment can raise my problems, being prepared in advance is what it takes to be a good paw-parent.

Happy Tails; Happy Trails!!