Why Natural?

Our furry buddies deserve only the best! We curate treats after a thorough inspection of all listed ingredients and after being assured that they are prepared in a wholesome & ethical manner. Chemical additives in any form – preservatives, flavour or colour- have no space in our selection of treats.

How It Works

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Tell us about your dog and save 15% or more every month.

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Your pups box will be dispatched within 2-4 days. No shipping charges for this bundle of pawsomeness.

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Exactly a month later, find the payment link in your inbox and your month long dog party begins!

What's Inside? 🎁

The Butler is full of surprises and the Butler never bores. From a selection of over 16 treat and 7 toy brands, we handpick a minimum of 3 all natural bags of treats and 2 quirky toys. Let the drooling begin!

A few of our products

Service at its best

Butler; noun
a chief responsible, hardworking, and versatile character or manservant taking charge of personal services with eloquence and goodwill of a household or the Lord

  1. Your pet is the boss and we don’t double question the boss! If your pet does not take to a product fashionably well, we will replace the toy for you.
  2. If you’re heading out of town or your ball of fur has been naughty and needs a timeout, just push the suspend or cancel button on your dashboard and resume whenever you’re ready.

Our premium service can be availed from the comfort of your couch. Go ahead, make your dogs day.

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Charity Initiative

1000’s of dogs and humans lose their lives to rabies every year in India. To help counter this growing epidemic The Welfare for Stray Dogs (WSD), regularly conducts mass vaccination programmes through which more than 80,000 street dogs have been vaccinated till date. Bark Butler has co-LAB-orated with WSD in its efforts and pledges to donate a portion of the sales from each box towards vaccination of one street dog against rabies.

With every box sold, the waggometer takes a step.

Rid Rabies

117/1,000 dogs

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