BarkButler’s guide to the doggo poop galaxy

BarkButler’s guide to the doggo poop galaxy


Cleaning up: One poop at a time

If you have dogs, you might agree with us when we say they are relentless pooping machines! Dog poo, it turns out, is a massively problematic issue, both for dog owners and pedestrians.

Dog poop can also be composted! Yes. Fur-real! Compost heaps are one of the best environments for breaking down waste because they have many microbes that can process waste. But somehow we seem to have become detached from this process. Let’s just blame the 21st century for now.

So.. are you wondering what’s the next best alternative? YES… Poop bags!

Poop bags are basically bags that are made out of either plastic [not recommended if you care about Mother Earth which you should! ] or biodegradable ones that are used to clean up after your doggo goes poo-poo! They exist to make life more bow-tiful for you, your fluffer, and the world as a whole!


We understand your shit-uation. Here’s how you dispose of it…

Poop bags can be utilized in different ways. Make sure that you are comfortable with whichever method you opt for. Ready steady PICK IT UP!

  • Remember to carry poop bags( preferably more than 1 to avoid mishaps.. You don’t want that) every time you head out with your pupper for his morning/evening adventure.
  • The recommended way to pick up your doggos feces is by pulling the poop bag over your hand in an inside-out fashion. This ensures that your hand DOES NOT TOUCH the poo. (yes, we just answered the inevitable questions all pet parents have! )
  • Once you pick up your doggo’s poo remember the mantra: ITB (INVERT THE BAG) (with your other hand obviously)
  • The last step to conquering this poop quest is to tie the top of the bag and dispose of it. If the dog park has a receptacle/dustbin then please discard the bag there. If not then remember to carry the bag back home and not litter the surroundings. #Res-paw-nsible


Shop till the poop don’t drop hoomans

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